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Company History

Jeonyoung Electrochemical has always walked alongside customers.
  • 2018 April. Completed development of Titanium alloy plating technology
  • 2017 June. Completed development of acrylic foam tape which is used for EMI shielding and thermal radiation of OLED panel
  • 2016 February. Completed development of black plating technology
  • 2015 November. Developed Au plating technology for antenna terminal
    and started supply
    March. Acquired Hwaseong plant
    (with fully automated continuous coating line)
  • 2013 January. Developed sand blast (etching) process for
    nickel silver and STS material
  • 2012 March. Started supply of STS ultra thin foil plating FPCB stiffner
    to Youngpung Electronics
  • 2011 March. Started supply of metal foil for PTC
    to Samsung SDI and LG Chemical
  • 2010 May. Completed construction of #3 metal foil plating line for FCCL
  • ​2005 December. Completed construction of #2 metal foil plating line for FPCB​
  • 2004 September. Confirmation as professional company in parts material (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • 2003 May. Started overseas export of metal foil for PTC
    February. Completed construction of #1 metal foil plating line for PTC
    (PTC: Fuse for protection circuit in secondary battery)
  • 2000 April. Establishment of Jeonyoung Electrochemical co., Ltd.
  • 1999 July. Completed joint development of polymer PTC switch
    with LG Cables laboratory


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