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Metallic foil laboratory of Jeonyoung Electrochemical has been set up in 2000 at the time of establishment of the corporation. It has endeavored to research and development in surface treatment sector, and since registering as a corporate annex laboratory in KOITA in February 2007, has conducted various research and development activities aiming for the best technology development on cutting edge parts in electric and electronic areas.

In the global competitive market, to accurately identify customer needs and provide the desired technologies and products, we are putting our full efforts to collecting data, education and research, and through close relationships between customers and industrial experts, we are striving to acquire competitive advantage in technology.

Through organic cooperation and advanced production field, we are improving processes and leading to introduce modern equipment to improve product quality for full customer satisfaction, and we are leading to develop the latest process to deal with changing market.

Our metallic foil laboratory will pursue increased values from our technologies, secure company competitiveness by developing technologies of high added values, strive to developing and researching new products for commercialization and endeavor to gain market competitiveness and localization of parts materials.

Major Research Activities

  • Development of metallic thin foil surface
    treatment technology
  • Development of electronic parts materials
  • Analysis of products and materials
  • Development of process and improvement of products
Development of metallic thin foil surface treatment technology
We are leading localization and quality improvement by researching and developing surface treatment foils used in RFID, FCCL and PCB and producing products through the process technology for treating micro thin foil. Also, by developing differentiated surface treatment technology, we are commercializing thin foils of excellent physical properties and adhesion strength with films and polymers. Recently, by organizing an expert group, we are continuing our research on advancing the surface treatment technology of metallic thin foils used for blocking electromagnetic fields and heat resistance that are the core requirements of various electronic devices.
Development of electronic parts materials
We are developing and commercializing the surface treatment of metallic thin foils used in PTC materials of the secondary battery, heat resistant panel for FPCB, heat resistant sheet and capacitor, and continuing research on metallic thin foils in various industrial fields.
Product and Material Analysis
By using our equipment for analyzing and verifying specifications of various materials including raw materials, products, prototypes and processed goods, we are confirming basic properties and comparative analysis related with developing new products, and in association with production field, we are endeavoring to manage quality standards through analysis of produced goods.
Development of process and improvement of products
By developing process system for customized production and organically cooperating with field by stabilizing production field, improving process and introducing modern equipment, we are striving to produce the best products by reducing raw costs and improving quality.


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