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SPL (Special Plating Line) Information

Plating Line Roll to roll continuous plating line Material Thickness Facility capable of ultra thin foil plating under 20 µm
Plating Types Corrosion resistant plating, Ni plating Width 550mm max.
Purposes Electromagnetic field covering and heat resistant sheet Line speed 10 ~ 20mpm
Monthly Average Production Capacity (Corrosion Resistant Plating) 350,000m(15m/min) Monthly Average Production Capacity
(Ni Plating)

Monthly Average Production Capacity (Ni Plating)

Divided into the degreasing process for removing rolled oil and impurities from the surface of the raw material before plating,
and acid-activation process for activating the surface by removing the thin oxidized layer from the surface of the metal
Electric plating line capable of multiple layer alloy plating of Ni, Zn and Sn to satisfy customer needs
After the corrosion resistant plating process for improving the corrosion resistant property of plated foil, product is completed by drying in the oven.

Characteristics of SPL Plating

  • Corrosion resistant plating agent
    Composed of multiple alloy plating layers, cover electromagnetic fields from electronic devices, used as heat resistant sheet
  • Ni plating agent
    Capable of Ni plating of various thicknesses, and is used as ingredient for various electronic devices

Characteristics of plating foil

Corrosion resistance
Multiple layers of functional alloy foil are formed for high resistance to corrosion resulting in superior performance in various corrosion prone environments.
Heat resistant property
Due to the functional plating layer overcoming the thermal disadvantage of the material, the product is maintained without thermal deformation at high temperature.
Produced from continuous process in roll to roll line capable
of covering wide width, for simplified process and uniform quality.

SPL Product Purposes

Absorber(EMI Shielding) · Thermal Spread Sheet · Conductive Tape · EMI Gasket

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) Information

Plating line Roll to roll continuous plating line Material Electro deposited copper foil (ED copper foil)
Line speed 4 ~ 7mpm Plating Ni plating
CAPA Monthly average production capacity 200,000m Purpose PTC element

PTC Plating Process

  • Un-winder
    (Cu foil)
  • Pre
  • Ni plating
  • Re-winder
    (Ni plated Cu foil)
  • Re-winder
    (Ni plated Cu foil)
  • Ni plating Cu foil slitting
  • Final

Characteristics of PTC Plating

  • Produce stable product with minimized interface resistance by maximizing the adhesion between polymer and nodule plated foil completed from special Ni plating process.
  • High Peel Strength
  • Excellent Low Resistance

Purposes of PTC Products

  • Radial PPTC

  • PPTC for disk

  • PPTC for strap

  • Printed circuit board

  • Cylindrical secondary battery

  • Rectangular secondary battery

MPL (Multi Plating Line) Information

Material STS, Cu, Phosphor, Al, Steel plate Length 1,000 ~ 6,000m
Thickness of raw material 30 ~ 500µm Line speed Max.15mpm
Width Max. 340mm Plating thickness 0.3~5µm
Plating types Ni, Ag, Sn

MPL Plating Process

Advantages of roll to roll continuous plating

Product characteristics are uniformly maintained after producing in uniform conditions along the line moving at uniform speed.
Production conditions are controlled by automatic facility, hence enabling continuous and stable production
Materials bound onto the roll are produced in uniform conditions, hence continuity of uniformity from beginning to end is maintained by implementing plating thickness, particle size and morphology.


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