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Plating (Coating) Methods

3 fully automatic continuous plating lines for roll to roll system [width 500 mm and over]
Unit 1 Cu + Special plating (For EMI covering and heat proofing) Unit 2 Stainless steel /nickel silver + Ni plating (For FPCB stiffner), Cu+Au plating (for terminals)
Unit 3 Cu+Ni plating (For protective circuit of secondary battery)
To give the physical and chemical properties demanded by customers to metal foils used in electric and electronic products, we are plating mono metal or two or more types of metals and electronically plating alloys of various thicknesses in 0.1-5㎛ to 10-300㎛ thickness metal foils in continuous processing lines. Also, our nodular treatment technology has advantages of reinforcing the adhesion with polymer based on the size and shape of metallic nano powder and improving the electric property.

Coating Method (Hwaseong Plant)

Roll to roll wide full automatic continuous coasting line – Jeonyoung Electrochemical Hwaseong Plant
Roll width +1700mm Speed Max. 100m/min
Coating method Gravure, Micro Gravure, Comma (3 types) Dryer 4m x 5 zone (Max. Temp 180°C)
  • Pre-dryer & Gravure coater

  • Micro Gravure coater

  • Comma coater


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